about the scrape

I’m Lou and I have an addiction to recipe books.  I can’t stick to a recipe to save my life.  The times when I come up with a winning concoction, I have no idea how to go back and recreate it… I started this blog to record my kitchen experiments, on the off chance some may turn out delicious.

I love to make up as I go along; cooking suits me, as I can usually find some way of correcting a blunder (hmmm baking not so much).  I’m also trying to feed my family on a budget – hence the ‘fridge scraping’ that goes on in our house.  I try and make up recipes to suit what we have on hand; it  makes for some interesting meals anyhow.

Other than that I’m a stay at home mum, music and yoga enthusiast and general sunshine and outdoors par-taker.

Life is good when I nourish myself- good food, sunshine, BREATHING and surrounding myself with positive people and influences… took me awhile to realise it but we are pretty lucky to be on this earth, living this life.  I feel blessed to be who I am, where I am and who I get to hang out with every day.  It’s pretty fun.

Misty says no photos


Copyright © 20012 fridge scrapings. All Rights Reserved.  All writing and photography are sole property of Louise Dwan unless otherwise stated and may not be used, copied, or transferred without written permission.


2 responses to “about the scrape”

  1. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says :

    Love this page, and am so glad to have met you through your blog, Lou! ❤ xyx

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