random tid bits before I take off

So I’m leaving.

Off for a adventure in New South Wales… Sydney here we come… birthdays, bubbles, beach, family, friends, catching up, eating, swimming wine drinking, sharing, laughing, walking, and just enjoying are all on the cards I hope.  I’m not sure if or when I’ll be able to post, so I’m not being a hater, I’m just hanging with my family.  I’ll try and put up some pictures, stories, whatever when I get near a computer.

…random graveyard wandering

A few things:

  • I think I’m going to have kitchen withdrawals.  It’s so weird for me not to use my kitchen at least 3 times a day for some sort of creating.  I’m nervous about making Misty’s birthday cake in unfamiliar territory – am I a weirdo?  I’m stressing about where I’m going to make the cake.  Creep.
…random recipe to come soon.
  • Misty hates meat.  Seriously, every time I give it to him, he picks around it, eats every thing else off his tray, and then drops the meat piece by piece onto the floor and laughs at it.  I’ve resorted to trying to sneak the meat in – hiding it in a meaty version of my sorta socca, with some polenta thrown in as well.  Boosty enjoyed it.  Viper said, ‘You’re making him a weirdo hippie kid,’ rude.  I’m trying to give him meat… he won’t take it.
 …won’t eat meat, will eat a plastic butterfly. deliciously random.
  • Listen to your intuition.  Mine has been spot on as of late, but I still have trouble tuning in.  Go with your gut, mine rarely fails me; I just fail to tap in and harness it.
… random flower photography while stalking the streets with Misty Man.
  • If something lovely happens, however small or seemingly insignificant, do something good to thank the universe for it.  Karma, paying it forward, whatever you like to call it, pass on that good energy as more will be created with these actions.
… just plain random.
  • If in doubt, doubt start crying.  People are always nicer to the crying lady with the cute baby.


About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

17 responses to “random tid bits before I take off”

  1. lindsay says :

    ahh enjoy it Lou! don’t feel the need to blog. Disconnect and relax! Maybe when you get back, i’ll be in NZ! any US food requests??

  2. Lou says :

    I just want to try your Healthy Bites!!! and thanks, wheeeee I’m so excited 🙂

  3. Ami @ parsnipsandpears says :

    have a great trip! Also, I always stress about where I will cook/what we will eat when we travel lol.

  4. molly says :

    enjoy your trip! so happy to have found your blog 🙂 always on the look out for food inspiration!

  5. Angela @ Vegangela.com says :

    Oh I hope you’re having a blast in Sydney! The weather has been off-and on this week but the weekend is going to be gorgeous, so perfect beach weather!

    i totally hear you about missing your kitchen. I work from home in a one-bedroom apartment, so I can always see my kitchen. And I cook all the meals, so it’s really a part of me. I’m going to be travelling for 3 months… what am I going to do?! Ahhh… 🙂

    • Lou says :

      Where are you travelling? You will adjust to not having a kitchen, but you will totally appreciate it when you return! Sydney has really cranked up the weather for us, hooray 🙂

  6. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says :

    Haha! Love that last one…only I may need to borrow Misty for the cute baby role! 😉 And I’ve definitely been tapping into my “gut instinct” lately while car shopping. A woman’s intuition should never be taken for granted!

    And you are SO not a weirdo for worrying about the cake. I’d be the same way! Actually, whenever I make anything for family get togethers, I always make sure to plan enough time in advance to prepare it at home because it never fails…if I try to make ANYTHING at my parent’s house, there’s always something I need that they don’t have! Last year I bought my mom the same chef’s knife that I use and she loved it…now I just need about 23 more gift-giving holidays before her kitchen looks exactly like mine! 😉

    Have a great trip and be safe!

  7. Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City says :

    have a great time! i loved sydney while i was there. something fresh about it!

  8. crazyveggiegirl says :

    Love it! I would throw meat on the floor too. 🙂 Love the crying lady with a cute baby comment.

  9. Cara says :

    Misty is my kind of kid! I was always the same way growing up–a total weird hippy kid who doesn’t like the taste of meat 🙂

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