oh so snuggly

I’m a snuggler from way back.

This was my first snuggly – it’s a flannelette pillow case that was made for me by one of our neighbours when I was super little.  Me and my sister both got one – I’m not sure how/why but I’ve hung onto it for all these years, and now Misty has inherited it (a pillowcase and a record collection, that’s about all of value we have to bestow on Misty, poor dude).  I think it’s kind of a cool synchronicity that this pillow case has both pink and blue koalas, and I ended up living in Australia, meeting an Australian boy, and then giving birth to a baby Australian.  The fortune-telling snuggle pillow case.  Ooooky spooky.

Back to the snuggling.  I’ve always been obsessed with pillows.  I usually carry one around with my when I’m at home, especially in winter, and snuggle it into my belly when I’m sitting down.  I have a special bedtime pillow which I sleep with in the fetal position.  Viper named that one ‘Clutchy’ as I sleep clutching it so tight.  Viper says, ‘I wish you’d love me as much as you love your Clutchy,’  and ‘I could be your Clutchy sometime if you like’  Nah, Clutchy rocks my world, dude.

Misty has inherited the snuggly/clutchy gene.  Maybe he was infused with all the snuggly-ness while in utero – being pregnant means you NEED some sort of Clutchy at night just to get in a decent position; I needed a Clutchy between my legs, and one to Clutch.  He loves pillows and cuddling into them.  He especially loves the koala Snuggly.  He grabs our couch pillows, throws them on the floor and launches himself onto them.  An energetic snuggler.  Before he goes to bed at night, he gets to watch, “In the Night Garden,” as it gets him in the zzzz-ing mood.  He lies down on the floor in front of the TV, with a pillow and quietly watches.  Too cute.

I wanted to get him something snuggly orientated for his birthday.  I looked at a few options – little tiny fold out couches, beanbags (no way, not with a dog and son that like to eat little things ie beans) nothing was right, nothing was snuggly/groovy/special enough.  Everything just seemed cheap, nasty, boring and just another thing to add to land fill in a few years.

It’s hot where we live, even in the middle of winter, a light doona (duvet, throw, quilt, cozy blanket, whatever you call them) is all you need.  Misty has a nice feather one for the colder months, so the piles and piles of baby blankets we were given as presents aren’t really a necessity.  I didn’t want to throw these out, or donate them, they were gifts so I needed to find another use for them.  I also had a bunch of pillow inserts that were on their last legs – too ratty to donate, didn’t want to just throw them out and again add to waste.

So, I made my own Snuggly/Clutchy for Misty.  Cost me about $1.50 in some groovy retro fabric from a thrift store, and some velcro.It’s just a big pillow case (2 seams) with some velcro sewn in at the top, so you can still take out the blankets etc and use them if need be.  (Sneaky storage, love it).

Yip, seems to be a winning Snuggly.  I think Viper is going to be jealous.  Anything science fiction, and he starts to dribble.  Geek.

Maybe I’ll have to make Viper his own special Snuggly.  He’s the only one left without one.  Yes, even Boosty has one out in her little Boosty Box (Boosty Box and Boosty Snuggly both made by Viper, he’s actually a really good sewer – his Mum’s Mum’s Mum was the seamstress for the Queen’s Mother if that makes sense?  It’s in the genes).


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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

6 responses to “oh so snuggly”

  1. Sarah says :

    I’m sure that’s my one!!

  2. Ami @ parsnipsandpears says :

    I have a crazy pillow obsession also. Aside from ALWAYS having to have my pillow with me, I also don’t like anyone else using or touching my pillow lol. It drives my husband crazy…. if he so much as rolls over on my pillow I get upset :s.

    Also, I hear ya on the pregnancy pillow snuggling! I had one for clutching, one for between my legs AND one for behind my back (I had major back pain and needed the support, plus it helped prevent me from rolling onto my back since apparently that’s a big no no).

    Great and tricky idea creating Misty’s own snuggly!! Love it.

    • Lou says :

      Hehe, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, makes me feel a little less kooky 🙂 Man, it’s so uncomfortable trying to sleep when you are pregnant…. not fun – all I wanted was to be able to sleep on my back again, it was torture! Some nights, I would have this barricade of pillows around me to stop me rolling on my back in my sleep, it was so tempting! 🙂

  3. Emmy (Wine and Butter) says :

    I always WANTED to have a comfort blanket when I was younger but could never quite get into it! Just like I always WANTED an imaginary friend, but could never quite create one. Weird right!?

    • Lou says :

      nah, not weird at all mate, I DESPERATELY wanted an imaginary friend, I tried so so hard to imagine one, but it just didn’t work 😦 so sad. deprived child!

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