dessert and dessert

There’s been a bit of talk around about dessert for breakfast.  I’m very guilty of swapping around meal ‘times.’  Breakfast for dinner, breakfast for lunch, dessert for breakfast – can ya tell I like breakfast?  I’m even getting Misty into my habit, I’m sure it won’t do any harm – definitely won’t stunt his growth anyhow.  I’ll get back to you on the psychological scarring later.
I think breakfast is almost the best time of day to consume chocolate.  Almost.  I can never go past the night time chocolate munching, especially after a particular long and trying day – it just hits the spot.  I think night time is perfect for a chocolate bar, but morning is the best for chocolate flavoured things.  Chocolate oatmeal, chocolate tahini butter (recipe coming) on toast with banana, or this (especially for those feeling the pain on the sugar free kick) :
Cho-fu Pudding
(Vegan, gluten and nut/seed free)
Makes 3 adult servings (or 2 large servings and 2 bubba meals)
  • 5 Medjool dates softened in a few tablespoons of hot water
  • 500g silken tofu (I like the Japanese kind, less of a ‘soy’ flavour if you get me)
  • 1/4t salt
  • 1/2t lemon juice
  • 10 drops vanilla stevia liquid (or an additional 4 dates with 1/2t vanilla extract instead… it’s what I use for Misty)
  • 5-6t cacao powder (however strong you like it)

Blend everything together.

Recipes to follow for the toppings that are pictured.  Sorry to be a tease.   You’ll forgive me.

I have used this ‘pudding’ in heaps of different ways – But wait! There’s more!  It’s awesome as the soaking ‘agent,’ for overnight oats (in place of yoghurt, milk etc) or for a chia seed pudding.  I’ve also made a peanut butter and banana version, and an almond butter and jam.  All definitely worthy of a YUMMO.  I’m thinking it would be wicked knickers on top of pancakes too.  Just saying.

The biggest plus is that Misty loves the stuff;  I can make a big batch, and we can both happily munch our way through.  It would be awesome for all those little gummy monsters out there that don’t yet have the equipment for chowing down on the hard stuff.

So that’s about it.  What do you think?  Dessert for breakfast?  Breakfast for dinner?  Or simply dessert for dessert?  Whatever floats your boat, that’s what I say.


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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

8 responses to “dessert and dessert”

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says :

    YummmY! Looks good! And I agree with you-if you feel like having dessert for bfast, go for it. bfast for dinner-why not? It’s just food. It all goes down the same way 😛

  2. Lou says :

    Totally! I like the way you roll 🙂

  3. Hannah says :

    Might I ask what brand of Japanese tofu you use? I’m been wary of tofu puddings ever since I made one about ten years ago and it was, in a word, revolting. 😛 But I do think it could be done well with the right ingredients 🙂

    • Lou says :

      If you want something with less of a ‘tofu’ taste (cos it totally has a taste, all these cook books that say it is tasteless, i dunno!) I would use Mori Nu tofu which is the shelf-stable variety (Woolworths generally has it in the Asian section, it’s in a little green and white box) It’s really good for puddings etc – I actually made this one with fresh silken tofu, but I try to keep a few boxes of the Mori Nu in the pantry 🙂

  4. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says :

    Oh my gosh, I completely agree…breakfast is my FAVOURITE meal of the day, so I often have it at least twice a day, lol! 😛 And morning is undoubtedly the best time of day to eat chocolate….I often have a bar of dark stuff with my morning meal! Mmmm…so rich and decadent. I do go through phases when I’m off it, but that normally means I need to eat even darker stuff! 😀 That sorts out the aversions, lol!
    That chocolate tahini spread on toast with banana sounds incredible – and guess what? I made chocolate banana peanut butter oats ready to eat this morning after you mentioned them in one of your comments…I’m so excited to eat it this morning! I just added a dollop of PB on top, and a spoonful of cocoa to the oats. Yummy! (I hope, lol!) Hope you have a gorgeous weekend, my friend! xyx

  5. Lou says :

    Hooray for chocolate peanut butter oats! Hope you LOVE them 🙂 I’m definitely a sweet over savoury girl – and TOTALLY a breakfast over dinner type. I rarely can stomach savoury things in the morning – unlike Viper who loves a good old traditional cooked breakfast (his Mum is english, so they all love bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, sauages etc, my worst nightmare!!) Hope you have a great weekend too sweetness xx

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