dummy sucker dough, and some for yo mama

I’m on a NEW coconut flour kick – especially after being inspired by Lisa, and her quick easy recipes.  I adapted her recipe for a raw ‘cookie dough’ using my lovely new flour.

First up, I made some for Misty, as I had a baked sweet potato lurking in the depths of my fridge that needed dealing to.

Dummy Sucker Dough:

  • 2 1/2T mashed sweet potato
  • 1t tahini
  • 2T coconut flour
  • 1/8t ground cinnamon
  • 2t currants (or any finely chopped dried fruit)
  1. Mash together all ingredients.  Eat as is, or squeeze into shapes – it’s like play dough.
After sampling a few of Misty’s I got food envy, and made some of my own (I didn’t share either, bad Mama)
Yo Mama Na Na Dough:
  • 2t peanut butter
  • 1t honey (or a few drops of stevia if you are sugar-freeing it)
  • Pinch sea salt
  • 3/4-1t cacao or cocoa (however strong you like it)
  • 1/4t vanilla extract
  • 2-2 1/2T coconut flour (depends on the size of your banana)
  • 1 small banana
  • 1T “bits” – chopped nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, whatever you like (I chucked in some crushed peanuts)
  1. Mash together everything with a fork.  Eat as is, or make into shapes.
  2. I like little balls. (stop it).
  3. If you like, freeze them – I highly recommend frozen balls (ha).
This recipe is so quick and easy.  Plus raw and vegan to boot (if you use alternate sweetener to honey ie agave, stevia, rice syrup).  I’ve tried it with apple puree in place of the banana with cinnamon, sultanas and almond butter and that was kinda awesome too.
These are totally a great mid morning or afternoon nibble… accompanied with a large mug of coffee or tea of course.  Caffeine and balls, a match made in heaven, and in my mouth (really, stop it).

About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

13 responses to “dummy sucker dough, and some for yo mama”

  1. Heather Eats Almond Butter says :

    Coconut flour play-doh. I love it. Will be making tomorrow. Coconut flour is magical, no?

    • Lou says :

      Very magical – so excited to finally have my grubby little mits on it 🙂 I’m going to use this idea to create decorations for Misty’s birthday cake – so exciting! I used to eat the normal playdough (my Mum used to make it) mmmm ’twas salty.

    • Lou says :

      I’m getting excited thinking of different colours you could make – fun colourful eats – blueberry for purple, spinach for green etc wheeeeeeee!

  2. Lisa ♥ Healthful Sense says :

    Thanks for the recipe love =) I agree w/ Heather — coconut flour is magical!!

    • Lou says :

      I LOVE your recipes…. I got so excited browsing your blog – I just made the chia seed jam to top some rice pudding – delish! My little boy loved it too. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Angela @ Vegangela.com says :

    Ha ha ha, you’re too funny. These sound delicious. I love the no-cooking!!

  4. Lou says :

    no cooking recipes are the best, especially because I tend to get rather angry when I’m hungry 🙂

  5. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says :

    “Caffeine and balls, a match made in heaven, and in my mouth (really, stop it).” <- Bahahaha!

    I love the idea of these! I really need to play with my coconut flour more often and you know, life is more fun when balls are involved! (NOW who's mind is in the gutter??) 😉

    • Lou says :

      ha ha I’m so immature – I fear for my son 🙂 Coconut flour is great, seriously it’s my new favourite thing, go on – play with some balls 😉

  6. Cara says :

    Are you going to get into the food business?!! Because I am *loving* all your creative creations. You should call it: “Lou’s Balls” <–it's got a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say? haha. Seriously though. Get on it, will ya? 🙂

    • Lou says :

      Dude, I would love to do something like that… one day! Shucks, you make me blush 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement… perhaps “Lou’s Balls” will one day take over the world? Ball domination! 😉

  7. Nada (One Arab Vegan) says :

    Never tried coconut flour but those balls sound amazing!(lol, were all pre-teen at heart). Love raw/easy desserts like that 🙂

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