Misty Man’s grown up snacks

Misty is fast approaching the one year mark – woah Nelly, where have those first 12 months gone?  Change is constant, babies grow and develop so quickly.  I am around him all day, every day though, and sometimes I forget that only a few months ago he was a useless blob that could barely focus his eye balls, let alone feed himself.

Now Misty is definitely his own man.  He wants to do things for himself, his own way.  A determined little beastie with a developing, discerning palette.  We have gone a step up from his basic teething rusks these days… it’s time to upgrade to:

Misty’s Roll Ups:

No, not these.  How nasty were these things?  I remember pining for them as a kid – my wise Mother wouldn’t buy them for us – I got given one by a friend at school, and it pulled my tooth out (the tooth was loose, but yeesh).  Can’t understand how they are allowed to be called “Fruit” Roll-ups?  The mind boggles.

  • Bread
  • Spreads * See below for ideas
  • Microwave
These are great for when you are out and about – it’s the same concept as a sandwich but much less messy for the parents, and easy to handle for the little one.  You can custom design flavours to suit what your bub enjoys.  I’ve found these really useful for longer car rides, as they keep Misty entertained for quite awhile – not just gobbled down like a soft piece of bread.
Cut crusts off bread (not necessary, particularly if you would like your child to have curly hair, it just helps the bread hold together).
Roll.  I fold up in thirds.
Squeeze together.  Nuke in microwave for 30 seconds.  Take out, re-squeeze, flip over roll-ups and nuke again for 30 seconds.  Depending on the amount of moisture in your bread/fillings, it may require another 30 second firing. (They will harden furthur once cool).
Flavour Favourites:
  • Vegemite and cheese (Be careful with hot cheese, make sure they are completely cool before giving them to a child).
  • Almond butter, cinnamon and dried fruit
  • Sugar free fruit preserves with coconut
  • Mashed pumpkin and tahini
  • Peanut butter and mashed banana (Misty is fine with peanuts, but this is a high risk allergen for some children, proceed with caution)
  • Home made chocolate tahini spread (am getting around to posting a recipe, it’s amazing!)
  • Miso paste
  • Hummus
  • Pesto (home made) and goats cheese
(I have found plain roll ups – just jam, vegemite etc tend to last a few days in an airtight container.  Any others I would make sure get consumed the day they were prepared – make them in the morning and have them on hand for your daily travels).
Misty loves these – he ate 6 the other day.  Told you he was a beastie.

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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

10 responses to “Misty Man’s grown up snacks”

  1. Emma says :

    So far I’ve made the Flat Cakes, Non Toxic Fruit Bars and Millet Munchies for my little guy. He’s loved them all (even I ate a few of those fruit bars).
    I am going to make these for our day out tomorrow.
    Love your site and your ideas. Keep up the good work.

    • Lou says :

      Yay! Oh you have made my day with your comment… so glad your little man (and you) have enjoyed the recipes 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Emmy (Wine and Butter) says :

    I love your idea for jam and coconut – that sounds like it would be a totally morning toast combination for grown-ups too!!!

    • Lou says :

      Totally! Jam and coconut is awesome (have you ever had “Louise Slice” ? I love it because it’s jam and coconut, and it has my name in it! It’s usually a shortbread base, layer of jam and coconut, then topped with meringue mmm)

  3. lindsay says :

    i want those now, for breakfast please. Brlliant Lou, brilliant!

    • Lou says :

      hehe, thanks 🙂 Misty goes crazy for them… the amount of bread that gets consumed in this house is out of control. Good thing I’ve got a bread maker 🙂

  4. Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City says :

    eee so cute! i can’t believe he ate 6 – impressive appetite!

  5. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says :

    Aaah, that is so cute! He’s a hungry, growing boy, lol! 😛 I love and admire the fact that you feed him such pure, clean home-prepared meals/eats/snacks – it’s awesome, and I bet it is such a massive contributor to his health and happiness! 🙂 It must be so lovely to see him growing and developing every day ❤ xyx

    • Lou says :

      Thanks lovely lady 🙂 He is such a wee dude – 2 weeks until the big first birthday, very exciting – we are going to Sydney to celebrate with all the family (my parents are even coming over from NZ!)

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