chicken shame and chocolate

So I don’t think Misty has the Chicken Pox.  Sorry to all those chickens out there I may has offended.

You know when you get a gut feeling about something, but don’t go with it?  Guilty.  Guilty as charged.  As soon as the doctor said ‘I think it’s Chicken Pox,’ (note: I think) I thought that seemed strange.  Aren’t you supposed to get the Pox when you’re older?  You know, 7 or something?  I know I can remember having the baking soda baths, wearing mittens and being told off for scratching.  I have the scars to prove it.

Anyway, I just went with what the doctor said – I was pretty distressed, let along Misty who had a raging temperature, was screaming and blowing snot bubbles.  Not to mention the rash.

Within 12 hours, his temperature was down, and there was no more need for baby Panadol (which the doctor said I would need to keep giving him for at least a few days).  The rash – although gross – wasn’t getting worse, it kind of seemed like it was getting better. Hmmm.

I’m not a doctor. (No! Really? You’re kidding Lou, you mean that stethoscope is just for show?)  I could have gone and got a second opinion, but I decided the most important factor in this equation was Misty – get his temperature down and make him as comfortable as possible.

my sister and me had this very kit

We went to the doctor 3 days ago – today his rash is gone, temperature normal, all that lingers is the extremely snotty boogie bubble blowing nose, which we can all deal with.  He is back eating solids with a vengeance, and up to his old tricks.  I have an idea of what he may have had, but again, I’m not a doctor.  I’m pretty sure it AIN’T Chicken Pox though.

Have you ever had an experience like this?  I have had a few with Doctors, I mean, they are only human and these days it must be so hard to diagnose things, what with all the viruses and super bugs skulking around.

Intuition is a powerful thing.  Just have to listen and believe a little more.

Misty is on the mend, and that’s a happy ending.  There was another happy ending around here today – and NOT that kind.

I made chocolate.  Katie’s chocolate.

I decided I wanted to freeze it solid, so i could break it up and use it as ‘chunks,’ in later cooking experiments – but what to do with the scrapings at the bottom of the pan?

After tipping the sauce into a vessel to freeze, there remained the drippings all over the pot.  Considering I had just licked up probably half  the entire recipe of saucey goodness as I poured it into the container, I restrained myself from unleashing my tongue and fingers on the pot (yeah, I know, impressive).  I hate wasting food.  Even the tiniest amount.  Especially chocolate; to waste it is criminal and should be punishable by some sort of extreme horse bite (definition #2, my most hated).

I poured in 2C soy milk and brought the whole thing back to the boil (hence melting down the remaining coconut oil one more).  There was probably about 2t of the original sauce  left in the pot when I started (estimating here).  I stirred in 1T Kudzu powder that had been mixed to a paste with a few drops of water and let the mix thicken. (Cornstarch would work too).

Poured into ramekins and chilled in the fridge.

Chocolate pudding for a spotty little boy?  Chocolate pudding for Mum?  Yes, I want Pudding.

It reminds me of this stuff:

Ahhh, childhood memories.  We called it instant pudding (basically, you just get out the egg beaters, and whip this into milk and let it set in the fridge.  It’s like Jelly (Jell-O, hey ho – there’s another language quirk) but in milky form.  I tried to explain it to Viper, but it must be another kooky New Zealand-y thing.  Seems to be a few of those.  While I was looking for an image of this product, I discovered it now comes in BANOFFEE flavour, good golly gosh (care package from the land of the long white cloud? Mum? Hello?)

Chocolate pudding, green grass, what more could a girl want?  Perhaps to wipe her camera lens.  Smudgey.

This is not a recipe as such, rather just me jotting things down as I go – this is how I work.  I’m going to play around with the idea though, especially the quantities of each ingredient. I reckon if I use agar agar I can get it to set into a chocolatey vegan panna cotta.  Oh yeah.


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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

2 responses to “chicken shame and chocolate”

  1. lindsay says :

    you are like me, i hate wasting food. I think i was taught this at a young age. I would save even a tablespoon and froze it. Glad I am not the only one.

  2. Lou says :

    Dude, you should see my freezer – full of tiny little containers with ridiculous amounts of extra sauce, wine, cooked fruit etc, it’s a disease I tell ya! What makes things so frustrating is that Viper is SO bad at wasting food, it drives me INSANE! He thinks I’m nuts 🙂

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