hoping for brain cells and cash

I love the library.  I don’t particularly love the “Baby Rhyme Time,” which I take Misty to each week; it’s quite stressful.  Misty does not want to sit nicely and participate in the lovely songs, does not want to sit still and listen to the delightful stories being told, does not want to sit at all.  Misty wants to commandeer other people’s prams, pull books off shelves, grab other small children’s eyes and hair and generally try and escape from my clutches.  I’m that Mother – the one constantly chasing a crazy child around the room, and stopping him from stealing the librarian’s song sheet off her knee.  Stressing aside, Misty has a grand old time, so that’s the main thing.  Once I can strap him down in his pram and give him a rusk for entertainment  I can squeeze in about 5 minutes of shelf perusing of my own – and grab some reading for the week.

This week I have been reading up on Ayurvedic cooking –  this is a great source of inspiration: ‘Ayurvedic Cooking’ by Shanti Gowans (renowed yogi, International spiritual teacher and Living Master).

‘Annam Brahman – Food is God… Food is consciousness.’

It’s all about being aware, being in tune with your body, listening to that inner voice, being intuitive – striving for BALANCE.

We could all do with a little more balance in our lives.

This dish is inspired by the traditional besan laddoo (basically, I wanted to make something out of some chickpea flour I had sculking in the back of my pantry, and I wanted SWEET).  Viper reckons they taste like cookie dough which is always a welcome comparison in my eyes.  Indian inspired cookie dough?  Yip, I’ll eat that.  Usually these are made with tonnes of ghee (which you could use in place of the coconut oil) but I have cut that down by subbing in some apple puree and ground flax seeds.  Any dried fruit or nuts will work, I just used what I had in the cupboard.  These are usually made and eaten for  Ganesh Chaturthi, which celebrates the birthday of Lord Ganesha who is the God of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.  You are meant to offer him sweet delicacies, so I hope he approves of these – I could use a little luck and wisdom (and a bit of spending money, cheers dude).

Apricot Cashew Cookie Balls (Lou’s Laddoos) :

5T besan (chickpea flour)

1t polenta

2t brown rice flour

1T coconut oil

5T apple puree

2T finely chopped unsulphured organic dried apricots

1T maple syrup stirred into 2T hot water (if you like really sweet, make it 2T maple, 1T water… or 5 drops of liquid stevia, 1T maple syrup, 2T water if you are watching your sugar intake).

1/2t salt

1/2t vanilla extract

1/8t cardamom

3/4t cinnamon

1/8t tumeric

1/4t ground ginger

Tiny sprinkle freshly ground nutmeg

1/8t ground cloves

2T cashews, finely chopped + dry roasted

Thick yoghurt or Caramel Cashew Cream (if you want a super sweetie yummy combo) to serve

  • Dry toast your spices in a fry pan until they become fragrant.
  • Toast your cashews until golden brown, and chop finely (if they are too chunky they stop the balls from forming).
  • Melt coconut oil with apple puree over a gentle heat.
  •  Mix in chickpea flour, brown rice flour, polenta, spice mix, salt and roast for 7-10 minutes over a gentle heat.  Mixture should clump up, and form a kind of ‘ball’ eventually – cook mix well as you don’t want the balls to taste of raw flour.
  • Add in apricots, vanilla and the water/maple mix, and continue cooking until this is absorbed.
  • Take off the heat, stir in nuts.  When you can handle the mix (should be still very warm) take tablespoons of mixture in hands and roll into balls.
  • Serve as is, or I like to dip them in thick yoghurt.  For a really sweet hit, dip in my Caramel Cashew Cream.  They are great on a tropical fruit platter – think mango slices, pineapple, fresh coconut meat, sprigs of mint.  Divine.
Balls  keep well in an airtight container (1-2Weeks) I store mine in the fridge

About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

4 responses to “hoping for brain cells and cash”

  1. Alexia @ NamasteYoga says :

    It seems like you made this recipe for me. I have recently tried Laddoo here in India, there are seriously a lot of festivals and occasions people eat it on but it is tooooo sweet and must contain a cup of butter in every ball..lol. I thought about recreating my own vegan version and started putting together some ingredients, but this recipe tops it all! thanks so much for sharing! will HAVE TO make these laddoos asap!

  2. Lou says :

    they are still pretty sweet with only the dried fruit and a touch of maple syrup – the Indian people LOVE their super sweet treats though don’t they? My friend Viccas is from Delhi has about 6 teaspoons of sugar in his tea… don’t know how he does it! even Viper liked these, so that’s always a good sign – I’m thinking of variations already 🙂

  3. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says :

    Lol! to your description of Story Time – bless! 😀 It made me giggle – you paint such a real, funny picture! ❤ I love libraries too – and I completely agree with your comment that we all need a bit of balance in our lives! Take care and have a lovely one, hun! xyx

    • Lou says :

      Story Time is definitely amusing to say the least! I always feel so wiped out after it though – so chaotic! Fun for the kids… last week we had bubble blowing too which was classic, babies and bubbles 🙂 have a great day too x

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