confessions from the floor

Sometimes, Misty eats food off the floor.

Sometimes (OK, a lot of the time) Boosty does too.

Maybe they get it from me, I’ve never been an abider of the “5 second rule.”  As long as it isn’t covered in dead flies and Boosty hair, I’ll probably eat it.

Sometimes, Misty eats breakfast for dinner.

Sometimes (OK, a lot of the time) I do too.

Fruity Millet ‘Custard’:

Serves one Misty and one Mum

1/2 cup millet

2C full cream milk (whole milk) or non dairy alternative

1t mixed spice (or plain cinnamon)

2 medjool dates

1 pear (or apple)

Roughly chop your dates.  Peel, core and chop pear.  Place all ingredients in a saucepan, bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer.

When almost all of the liquid has been absorbed (around 20 minutes, it may take longer) turn of heat, pop on the lid and let sit for 10 minutes or so.

When cool enough, blend in a food processor.

Sweet, thick, spicy, creamy.  So good I would definitely eat it off the floor.  Don’t judge.


About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

3 responses to “confessions from the floor”

  1. lindsay says :

    i would never judge that, especially that recipe!

  2. Hannah says :

    Holy smokes! I’m utterly enamoured with this idea for millet! And yes, I’m totally guilty of eating things off of strange places with no regard for cleaniliness sometimes. Mostly I don’t ever quite realise what I’m doing until afterwards…

  3. Lou says :

    It’s pretty yummy! There’s something so comforting about eating things that have been blended into baby-friendly purees, and no chewing effort required! I put a pinch of salt in for me, and drizzle with some tahini, oh so good!

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