a misty morning

Viper tells me that all of the other guys he works with think he’s a health nut.  He cycles to work (even I’m impressed with that, it’s a long way – at least 20km I reckon – and a 10 hour work day on top of that) and then pulls out his little packed lunch at break time – tuna and salad wraps, hard boiled eggs, homemade muesli bars.  Viper may be many things, but he ain’t no health nut.  Really, he should be a fat man.  He loves beer, burgers, huge cooked breakfasts and BREAD.  Oh, and chocolate, chips, and did I mention beer?  The morning after a few too many of these beverages, he requests, “anything that fell down the back of the deep fryer about a month ago, and has been fried and fried and refried please.”  That is (supposedly) a joke, but then he is off to Hungry Jacks (what we call Burger King, not sure why, it’s Burger King in NewZealand).    Whopper with cheese, please.

Other than the odd hangover-cure, Viper has a pretty good diet – he definitely likes a bit of trash (don’t we all) but in moderation.  His worker buddies think he’s this guy:

Compared to what they fuel themselves with, I suppose he is.  Apparently they buy lunch every day; a cycle of KFC, fish and chips, pies and chips, pizza and souvalakis (that’s the “healthy” meal of the week, as it contains salad).  I don’t know how you could even function on that kind of food – let alone the cost each week (money- wise and health wise).

Viper says he justifies it by quoting from Pulp Fiction: (basically blaming everything on me, the “missus”)

I can’t complain though; Viper does enjoy what I cook, and everyone needs a little trash every now and then – everything in moderation, INCLUDING moderation.  I’m going to get in early with Misty though, and try teach him that healthy=yummy.

Overnight “Flat” Cakes (Flax and Oat)

1/4C oatmeal

1/2C milk

4T ground flaxseed

Mix all ingredients (I used whole milk for Misty but any milk dairy/non dairy would be fine)

Cover and leave in fridge overnight.

When breakfast time rolls around- while your hungry little beast is distracted by the fridge door opening and closing- heat a fry pan lightly misted with coconut oil.  Mix 1/4t aluminum free baking powder into your overnight oats mix.  Drop teaspoons full of batter into the frypan, and cook for about 3 minutes on each side until golden brown.

I purposely left the batter neutral-flavoured so I could be more creative with the toppings.  Misty enjoyed tahini on one, a scraping of vegemite on another, and a little organic fig paste on another.  He ate a few plain as well which is always a good sign.  Misty really enjoys feeding himself now, so I use these little cakes as a vehicle for all of the vege purees I have to use up (he doesn’t like to be feed them with a spoon anymore, and hasn’t quite got the knack of using it himself yet).

I’ve got a batch of pumpkin hummus (plain roasted pumpkin simply blended up with chickpeas, tahini,  a tiny amount of garlic, cumin, black pepper and olive oil) that he is going to love on top of these little oat cakes.  He digs anything pumpkin.

Of course a little added flavour in the mix will not go astray if you want to serve these plain (it does get a little messy with toppings being smeared from here to Africa).  Cinnamon, scrapings from a vanilla pod or mixed spice would all give a slight hint towards sweetness.  Cumin, mixed Italian herbs, paprika, garam marsala, tumeric or ginger – all great options for a little spice if your little one (or you) is that way inclined.

With goat’s cheese and tahini = mine

With hummus = Misty

With peas blended with ricotta, fresh mint, chives, lemon juice and black pepper = 1 for Misty, 2 for me.  Yes, I do quenelles for fun.

He ate it, eventually.  They are particularly delicious after being mashed into the deck.

Yip, think he approves.  No need to hit the drive thru today.


About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

8 responses to “a misty morning”

  1. Alexia @ NamasteYoga says :

    its funny how people easily perceive you are a health nut just because you cycle to work and eat packed lunches. they could also assume that viper is just trying to save money or simply likes being outside. anything really. but it seems being a health freak is an excuse for anything “strange” you do that other people dont. People call me a freak too, but i like it 😉

  2. Lou says :

    I hear ya! It’s so easy to pass judgement on others without being fully informed – but outward appearances can be so deceiving. I say, be happy about who you are, no matter how strange anyone else thinks it may be. I relish in being a freak!

  3. Emmy (Wine and Butter) says :

    Those cakes look delicious!!!! I might try them for dinner this evening!! with almond butter and raspberry Jam I think!
    Totally hear you about the work colleagues… my ex used to buy bacon sandwiches for lunch every day and – when I tried to suggest it wasnt that healthy – he informed me everyone else went to KFC EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have one white bread sandwich for lunch and I feel a wreck – seriously lord knows how they do it!! xox

    • Lou says :

      Almond butter+ raspberry jam = LOVE. Such a good combo… although apricot jam pairs delightfully well also. I used think that a chocolate chip muffin was a healthy option, as it was a ‘muffin,’ (!) What the?!? Funny – how a little age, education and experience can change you!

  4. Vegetarian in the City says :

    yuummm! goat cheese + tahini sounds especially great!!

    the hungry little beast is super cute (and lucky! gourmet snacks!!) thanks for sharing this awesome breakfast recipe! have a great weekend!

    • Lou says :

      anything with goats cheese is just dandy with me! the little beast is cute, but very very cheeky… he’s going to be a trouble maker! thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend 🙂

  5. Emma says :

    Would love to make for my little bub.
    By “oatmeal” do you meal cooked oats (like porridge). or rolled oats, or oats ground into a meal?

    • Lou says :

      Hi Emma! I used raw oats (whole rolled oats) that I whizzed up in the food processor to about the consistency of “quick oats” if you know what I mean. Basically finely chopped up rolled oats. Regular oatmeal would be fine too. Good luck, hope your lil one likes them 🙂

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