bad performance, good performance

This was a BAD performance:

Meatloaf, I’ve never liked you.  Your head makes me angry.  Not to mention your cheesy cabaret songs that get stuck in my head for DAYS.  Yes, back in the day you had a pretty amazing voice but it is now gone.  Deal with it – you’ve had your time in the sun –  be the bigger man (ha) and melt into oblivion.

This was all I took from the AFL footie final on the weekend.  Not really one for watching sport and getting excited.  Except tennis, I enjoy watching tennis for some reason.  After this abomination of a pre-match concert, I gave up on the game altogether; almost put me off my beer.  Almost.

A friend of mine back home in New Zealand used to hold a weekly ‘Meatloaf Interpretive Dance Evening,’ it was quite legendary.  No, this was not some new dance fitness craze similar to Zumba (but maybe she was onto something?)  many bottles of cheap wine had to be consumed to ensure optimum creativity and flare.

This was a GOOD performance:

Made my Sprouted Buckwheat and Chia breakfast Pud again – think it’s the third time I’ve made it now – the texture is strangley addictive.  Can’t quite put my finger on it.  Anyway, this time (shock, horror!) I was out of chia seeds.  After recovering from initital devastation, I subbed in more ground flaxseed and toasted sesame seeds.  With juicy little organic Australian sultanas, mixed spice, almond butter and a dash of maple syrup, I was pretty happy with my breakfast’s performance.

BAD performance by first coffee of the day (5am) didn’t do the job.  Needed another one soon after.

GOOD performance by bread maker (which Misty decided was his new bongo drum, that in itself was a GOOD performance).

Beautifully turned out mixed grain, kalamata olive and rosemary loaf.  Toasty fresh with vegan cream cheese, YES.

Joint BAD performance by myself and Misty – Mum left Boosty’s bowl within reach, and resulted in Misty tipping it everywhere (including soaking himself).

GOOD performance by my favourite appliance ( favourite due to the fact I use it the most, and it’s name is the “Super Freeway.”)

For an old retro beast, Super Freeway is a little rip snorter, it can make nut butters with the best of ’em.

Enter Humma-Mole:

1/2 a ripe avacado

1/2C cooked chickpeas (canned are fine)

1t lime juice

1 clove of garlic, crushed (if you don’t like raw garlic, cut this down to 1/2 a clove).  Garlic constantly wreeks out of my pores.  I’m ok with that- sorry if it offends you, but I don’t care.

1/2t sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Optional – Chilli flakes

For those times when you can’t decide whether you want hummus OR guacamole.  When you need to stretch out an avacado to satisfy more than one person’s craving.  When you want the best of both worlds.  Blend all ingredients.  That is it.

‘Tis good.

Today, the good outweighs the bad.  Really the only bad thing was Meatloaf.  On a positive note, I did like him in ‘Fight Club.’  Maybe if he just stuck with the acting gig, we could be friends.


About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

4 responses to “bad performance, good performance”

  1. elise says :

    do we get a recipe on that bread??

  2. Lou says :

    Oh yeah, that would be playing fair wouldn’t it?! Don’t know if it would be fodmaps friendly though – all the ‘baddies’ are in there (gluten, wheat etc etc) . Suppose you could always make it for Hubby! I will get onto a recipe – I’m going a bit bread crazy – got a loaf of coconut raisin cinnamon sesame bread going at the moment. Viper seriously eats a loaf a day. Yeesh.

  3. Alexia @ NamasteYoga says :

    i want some of that bread too! I am deprived of homemade baked goods- no oven and no good bakeries in India!

    • Lou says :

      My oven is broken at the moment – yay for bread makers! I’m jealous of all that amazing Indian food you must be eating… gulab jamun is my all time favourite! So so delicious. Whereabouts in Aussie are you from originally?

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