fruity love (not that kind)

I go sick for anything apricot flavoured.  Apricot is so underrated; it deserves better recognition.  It’s goes amazingly in so many dishes, sweet or savoury.  I dream of…

  • Apricot, coconut and vanilla oat cookies
  • Apricot, cinnamon and WHITE chocolate muffins
  • Dried apricot trail mix with DARK chocolate and almonds
  • Moroccan style tagine with chickpeas and apricots
  • Spicy apricot sauce on chicken, fish or tofu
  • Awesome awesome awesome toast topping of peanut butter and APRICOT jam. Simple. Good.
  • Roasted apricots, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with sweet labneh and crushed walnuts
Ok, ok I’ll be quiet now.  I will follow up with recipes; just a teaser, I think you can work out the toast-topper yourself though.
I got thinking ’bout apricots as I was deciding on dinner for Viper and myself; it’s time for our weekly dose of fishy Omega 3s.  Salmon time.  Not Hammer, Salmon.
Viper will think this is weird, but it’s my turn to choose our flavour topper for the fish.  I’m going with:
1tsp soy
A nubbin of fresh ginger (I always call things ‘nubbins’ and it’s kind of gross  I used about a 1cm square piece.  Chop/grate VERY finely.
1t apricot preserves:
I love these jams.  Expensive, but worth it.
So I spread this mix on a whopping piece of salmon that Viper and I will share.
Viper’s Verdict:  I actually suggested this combo last week, and he said, ‘ew, don’t know if that will work……’ (after tasting)……..
‘Your marinade is BEAUTIFUL – what is it!? Totally use this one again.’   Ha.  Lou= WINNER.
My love for apricots has that warm lovely childhood nostalgia attached to it.  I remember sitting in my Nan’s backyard with bags and bags of apricots off her friend’s tree.  It was time for jam making, and me and my sister were enlisted to break open all the apricots and remove the kernels.  I like it when the kernel has a loose bit inside and rattles around; it’s like a mini-maraca.  My mum warned us, ‘don’t eat too many, you’ll get a stomach-ache.’  Did I listen?  No.  Did I eat a ridiculous amount of apricots?  Yes.  Was I shitting through the eye of a needle later in the day?  Yes.  Do I regret my behaviour?  No.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.
For the love of apricots.
What’s your “default” fruit flavour?  The one you can never go past?  The one you secretly wish you could elope with?

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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

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