a whippy kind of weekend

I’ve always found Mr Whippy creepy.  The fact that they stalk through neighbourhoods, sculk around playgrounds and sift along the beachside playing that unnerving little jingle really irks me.

“Follow me children, I have delicious frosty confection inside my truck.”

There is something sordid and pied piperish about the whole things.

Maybe I’m just a twisted cynical woman.  Don’t get me started on Christmas mall Santas.

Anyway, Mr Whippy (or the Whipster as I like to call him) does amuse me, as we seem to have a dedicated posse of them that peruse our neighbourhood daily.  What makes it excellent entertainment is that Boosty starts howling when that little jingle starts up.  You get that Whipster, Boosty.  I used to love that cone that was dipped in the psychedelic pink sherbert stuff.  mmm sugary sherberty chemicals; my poor parents.

On to the tasks of the day…..

  • Misty food making
This attractive gloop will end up as some sort of pattie for Misty, I promise.  Rice, lentils, a flaxseed ‘egg’, a touch of cheese and herbs.  Baby-style arancini?
  • Milk making and seed sprouting
Every time I make my own milk, I go on a rant about how amazingly cheap and easy it is.  Have to do it more often.  Today is the day for brown rice milk, and copious amount of it.  I think I went a bit overboard in cooking rice, as I ended up with double what I needed.  I froze  half for my next milking adventure.  Pretty much I blended 1C cooked brown rice with 3C warm water, left that to sit for a half hour, then strained through cheesecloth, squeezing out all the excess.  I then added salt, agave and a touch of maple syrup (all depending on your own tastes).  I used 2t salt, 2t agave, 2t maple. BOOM. Rice milk ahoy.
  • Now, to keep this one OUT of the pantry (fail, and fail once more)
Good thing he hasn’t consumed any Whipster treats today;  that glint in his eye is not sugar induced, it’s all natural.

About Lou

I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

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