No nuts (actually, there are).

As promised here is the perfected (pending a Viper Verdict) nutty NOT fruity muesli bar recipe.  My oven is also broken, so it’s no bake as well- all in all a pretty easy peasy kinda treat.

Nut bar for a nut bar:

1/3C sesame seeds

1/3C coconut

1/2C chopped almonds

1/2C oats

1/2C nut butter (I used a homemade batch of pepita/sunflower butter)

1/4C honey

1/2C amaranth puffs

2T chia seeds

1/4t sea salt

1T ground flaxseeds mixed with 2T water

This is an excellent fridge (or pantry) scraping adventure as you can vary the ingredients to suit what you have on hand… no nuts? (hehe) sub in 1/2C dried fruit.  Use brown rice puffs instead of the amaranth.  Use peanut butter.  Add cinnamon, vanilla or whatever flavourings your little heart desires.  Essentially you make a simple “toffee” by melting the honey and nut butter together, this binds the ingredients and sets hard(ish) to form the bar.  All the other ingredients can be substituted.

Dry toast the sesame seeds, coconut, chopped nuts and oats in a fry pan.  Set aside in a large mixing bowl, stir in salt, chia seeds, amaranth puffs.  In a small pot, melt together honey and nut butter.  Bring to the boil, reduce to a simmer and stir constantly for around 5 minutes.  At this stage, the longer you cook out the honey and nut butter, the harder the end product will be.  Up to you however you like your muesli bars (chewy or crunchy?)

Mix together the wet and dry (be careful, the toffee mix is extremely dangerous and will burn like a mo fo)  As soon as you have got all the toffee out of saucepan, immediately fill it with hot water otherwise it will stick in there and drive you insane when you try and scrub the pot.  Press into a lined tray and chuck in the fridge until hard but still flexible enough to cut into bars.

Somebody likes the look of those nutty bars


Viper’s Verdict:

Viper – ‘What were the weird little crunchy bits?’

Lou – ‘Chia seeds.  Why? Didn’t you like them?’

Viper – ‘They’re OK, they’re healthy though aren’t they?’

Lou – ‘Yes Leigh.’

Viper – ‘Oh. Maybe more fruit next time.’

Lou – ‘I hate you.’


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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

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