So Misty decided to wake up at 3am, 4am and then finally at 4:26am.  Viper and I decided that he had won, so we all got up.  It’s amazing what you can get achieved when you start the day at 4:26am.  I have:

  • Made me and Viper deliciously needed caffeiney coffee
  • Unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded again and then unloaded another load. Load load load.
  • Washed and hung out to dry 2 loads of washing.
  • Given Misty milkies, porridge, toast and more milkies.
  • Vacuumed the house
  • Made peanut butter
  • Completed 30 minute power yoga flows
  • Had breakfast
  • Gone on a 20minute walk around the neighbour in the sunshine with Misty
  • Had another coffee
  • Tried to organise Viper’s financial affairs for the tax man
  • Given Misty more milkies, and an outfit change because he is already covered in food, dog hair and some other crusty unidentifiable coating
  • Gone to the library for “Baby Rhyme Time” (chased Misty around the library; he was oblivious to the fact he was supposed to be sitting nicely, enjoying the lovely nursery rhymes, songs and stories – other peoples’ prams and bags are far more interesting, and books are fun to pull off the shelves).
  • Had another coffee, replied to various emails, did my internet banking.
  • Made THESE yummy treats for Misty’s lunch.
It is now 10:30am geeeeeeez
Good thing you are cute, buddy
4:26am Fish bites
1 smallish fillet of fish (chicken or tofu would work just a well)
2T quinoa flakes
1T coconut
1t nutritional yeast
1/8t ginger powder
1/4t cumin
1 (free range, organic) egg, lightly beaten (if your little one isn’t eating eggs yet, milk or yoghurt would work here, including non dairy versions of both)
2T flour
Oil for frying

Now you may be thinking  ‘fridge scrape?  What a joke, who has quinoa flakes just “lying around” in their pantry?!’ Well, I do, obviously, but I’m a freak so let’s not worry about that.  The joy of it is, this recipe is pretty forgiving- you can alter the ingredients to what you have on hand.  Crushed weetbix/cornflakes/brown rice puffs/oat bran  would work instead of quinoa.  Or just replace quinoa altogether with extra coconut.  Change the spices to suit – Misty seems to dig the whole curry thing, but you could use dried Italian herbs, chinese 5 spice,  ground coriander, garam marsala, whatever. I reckon it’s really important to get kiddies used to different flavours from an early age.  Just because you have to watch the sodium content of things doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour.  Maybe I could learn something from this, because my salt habit is out of control.  The nutritional yeast is optional too- not many people know what it is, let alone sprinkle it on EVERYTHING like me.  Again, I am very special.

Mix together spices, quinoa flakes, coconut, nutritional yeast in a bowl.

Cut fillet into desired size.  For Misty I like smallish chunks, but big enough he can pick up and chew away on.

Beat egg lightly in a bowl.  Put flour in a separate bowl (any flour will do, it just helps the crumb to stick).

Coat piece of fish in flour, then dunk in egg and finally roll in the quinoa crumb.

Repeat repeat repeat.  Get sticky fingers.

Give Boosty left over weird fishy egg.  Boosty loves eggs.

Heat a teaspoon coconut (or desired oil) in a pan.  Depending on what size you cut your fish, cook until golden and crunchy.  Mine were super quick, about a minute on each side.

OK, I admit I did steal a couple.  How could I not?  Delicious Aussie snapper, woah nelly SO GOOD.  All that is needed for an adult version is SALT and tomato ketchup.  mmm salty sweetie.

Mates.  Caged mates.


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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

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