Save the cows… Soy yoghurt?

Just because something or someONE lived a good life, is it right for humans to kill and eat them?  Can of worms = OPEN.


I just had a thought regarding this – if I had had an awesome, happy, fufilling life, and then someone decided to murder me when I was 60, I would not be happy about it one bit.  I wouldn’t feel relaxed about dying whatsoever.  Actually, if I had been leading the fully pampered life like that of our free range, organic friends, I think I’d be MORE upset on having to bow out on all that good stuff.  Considering  the hideous conditions most animals have to endure on ‘meat’ farms, they are probably quite relieved when their day comes!


I’m just musing here – I still eat fish, kangaroo, the occasional egg and have just started experimenting with cutting down on dairy for awhile.  Don’t know where I’m headed, but it’s all about the journey right?  It sounds dumb, but I have only just realised that in order to make milk, cows must be pregnant (duh) To keep making milk, they are constantly impregnated.  Over-flow of baby cows = veal.  Gross.  It’s amazing once you start thinking about all this – where our food actually comes from – how creepy the whole process is.


It’s unfortunate that I’m addicted to yoghurt.  I really would like to be a vegan, I feel bad for animals.  I have no problems not eating meat; I rarely crave it and much prefer creating vegetarian meals-it’s more of a challenge than the old meat and 3 veg trick.  It’s those other pesky delicious foods that get me – yoghurt, honey (not the biggest fan of cheese so that’s no biggie).


Anyway here’s my contribution, inspired by:


1C soy milk (or coconut milk) use full fat varieties

1-2T lemon juice depending on thickness milk

1/2t xantham gum

1/2t guar gum

2T no sugar fruit spread (or sweetner of choice: honey, agave, dried fruit etc)

1t vanilla

Pinch sea salt


Combine milk and lemon in a bowl, leave to curdle for 10 minutes.  Blend in food processor for a few minutes.  Add gums and blend again.  Chill in fridge for at least an hour – it will thicken further.




It’s actually pretty good for ‘faux-ghurt’ – quite similar texture wise to the soy yoghurt you buy, just not as ridiculously sweet.  Bonus too, it’s CHEAP to make; sure beats the $3 tiny pottle of soy yoghurt I’ve been consuming to make myself feel better about poor preggo cow slaves.


Why is is yoghourt?  I thought it was yoghurt?



I admit, I do have an obsession with Jalna yoghurt, it’s just so thick, creamy and amazing.  Plus the fact that it’s pot set and doesn’t contain anything creepy or artificial.  It’s what I give Misty most days, and he LOVES it.  How could you not?  I have to stop Viper from eating all of Misty’s yoghurt and that is quite a challenge; I frequently find said tubs hacked down viciously, and I know Misty cannot quite open the fridge on his own yet.  Yet.



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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

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