A crime against coeliacs

I really feel sorry for those that can’t tolerate gluten.  It really does make bread amazing.  This was an experiment that worked a treat… it almost worked too well, the dough got so big it was almost escaping out the top of the bread machine.

I’m not actually the biggest bread fan – Viper’s bread consumption is out of control.  Sometimes he gets through a loaf a day.  Maybe he was trying to tell me something when he bought me a bread maker for my birthday last year.  This is the third time I have used the machine- a year and a half later- but I’m enjoying the process.  When I was preggas, toast was the only thing I wanted (or could stomach) in the morning… usually I’m all about the cereal.  Misty-in-utero wanted all things bready, and so I obliged, banana and peanut butter was and still is a favourite.

I figure the bread maker will get more and more use as Misty’s bread eating starts to rival that of Viper’s (I hate to think what it’s going to be like when Misty’s hits puberty).  I may as well start to perfect my recipes now to avoid the wrath of bread-starved males.

3/4C gluten flour

2 1/4C wholemeal flour

3tsp active dry yeast

2T milk powder

2t honey

1t salt

1T ground cinnamon

1T mixed spice

1/2t coconut oil

1 1/4C + 2T warm water

3/4C raisins

Put all ingredients in bread maker except for raisins.  I usually start with water, add the flour, then yeast, then everything else.  Not sure why, I just do and it seems to work.  I used the wholemeal setting for this one and chucked in the fruit during the first knead.

Alternatively: Measure yeast, water, honey, salt, oil, milk powder and flours.  Cover and leave for 15 minutes in a warm place.  Stir in cinnamon and raisins and knead for 10 minutes.  Put dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with cling film and leave for 30 minutes.  Knead again in bowl for a minute, then place in an oiled bread pan.  Leave to rise again for around an hour until it has doubled in size.

Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

First time using gluten flour – I bought some to make seitan with, but felt like making bread today.  Viper said it didn’t have much FLAVOUR.  How rude.  Misty loved it, and I thought it was an awesome texture.  Viper is very fussy (very annoying also) not enough fruit apparently.  He likes his bread fruity, and his muesli bars nutty and that’s that.  I’ll show you a nut bar. This bread making business is going to be a bit of trial and error I think. (NUTTY muesli bar recipe to follow, all bow down to King Viper with delicious nutty offerings aplenty).


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I'm a stay at home Mum, recipe book addict who can't stick to a recipe to save my life.

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